Our Brand

Skinerbs is the go-to cost-efficient preventive and solution anti-aging essentials. Skinerbs is a cosmetic brand manufacturer of skin whitening products. Skinerbs’ products range from serums, lotions, toners, suncare, facial kits, and creams to personal care products such as shampoo for both men and women.

Our Story

Skinerbs derives its name from words “skin” and “herbs.” These two words define what Skinerbs is all about: skin-nurturing and nourishing ingredients that are gentle and beneficialIy 2018, Skinerbs started the initial development by Faralex International under Merph Smith’s leadership to provide anti-aging essentials that are quality yet cost-efficient. Without hesitation, Merph gave all his drive and passion into formulating and developing a business revolving and improving consumers’ daily routines and lifestyles.

After a year, by 2019, Skinerbs was launched, to provide everyone cost-efficient yet quality anti-aging products, either for prevention or solution, which everyone will enjoy daily. Now, Skinerbs is continually innovating a wide range of anti-aging essentials as well as building a bridge towards consumer confidence and trust without breaking the bank in acquiring the necessary products they need to live their best lives.


At Skinerbs, we aim to provide the most cost-efficient preventive and solution anti-aging essentials. We turn anti-aging products from being a luxury into easy-access and cost-efficient everyday essentials because we believe that everyone deserves to use them at the end of the day.

Our products are produced of the highest quality and follow regulation standards. 

For the best possible skincare and personal care products, Skinerbs is your go-to!